Brand New Day

Good Morning,

Today, I thought I would start a new day with a green drink that was posted on my doctor’s website. I have made a couple of adjustments to meet my needs. (Click here for original).

Rice “Milk”, about 3/4 C
Coconut Water, about 1/4 C,
+ more at end for
thinning, if needed
Ice, if desired

Baby Bok Choy, 1-2 stalks
Carrots, 1 med, snapped in half
Elephant Kale, 1 stalk
Spinach, 1 C or handful

Fresh Apple,1/2 quarterd
Fresh Orange, 1/2 quartered & peeled
Banana, 1/2 peeled
Frozen Mango, about 1/4 C
Frozen or Fresh Raspberries, 1/4 C

Amazing Meal, about 1Tsp
Chia Seed, about 1 Tsp

Omega 3 DHA, 2 Tbsp
Vitamin D, 3 drops

Makes 3 cups


If you want to make your own green drink, follow these guidelines to create one.

These are you want to include in your drink:
1-2 liquids
At least 3 greens
At least 2 fruits(fresh or frozen)
1-2 superfoods

Get ready for an energizing day!


Photo taken by Jon Sayban at Phoenix Pet Expo.


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