A Fresh Start

Hi All,

I know it has been a while since I posted. I think I needed these months to reflect and gain some insight as to what I should be sharing, as well what should be going into my body.

I feel that these last few months I have become blind sided into what constitutes as a vegan meal. For instance, I learned from my doctor that any soy products are really not that healthy due to them being humanly processed here in the states. I have been eating cheese animal products to which should not be considered in a diet for a person who is vegan.(Oops!) Due this consumption, I have noticed a change in me both physically and emotionally.

I noticed that my clothes have become a little bit tighter, or I have become not to care in my appearance. I have started to feel drained, and not wanting to accomplish any physical activity. That’s why I have decided that today is my last day for this to continue. (Cue Rocky theme)

After talking to my doctor yesterday about my issues, I feel I need to head back to a healthy routine. So, starting tomorrow I will present to you numerous recipes that are healthy plant based to help not only myself, but others who wish to change their lifestyle.

I know it is a tough transition, and mistakes will be made. However, we can learn from these mishaps, grow from them, and move on.

Here is a little motivation:



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