Eating Out as a Vegan

In Phoenix, Arizona, there are only a few restaurants that are catered to just Vegan dining, such as True Food Kitchen and Loving Hut. While these are really amazing places, I especially enjoy True Food Kitchen, they are some what out of the way. I live in Glendale, Arizona, so it is a drive to go to these locations. Well, when I go to a restaurant in the Glendale area, I try to make sure the restaurant will be able to accomandize toward my vegan diet.

Last night my family and I went to BJs Restaurant. Here are the things I did to make sure the restaurant made my meal fit my diet:

Step 1:

I looked at BJs Restaurant website to see what vegetarian meals they have. You can always call the restaurant if they don’t have a website. Here are my choices:

  • Garden Medley without feta cheese.
  • Angel Hair Toscana, without Parmasean and feta cheese.
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta without Parmasean cheese
  • Veggie Burger

Step 2:
I opted for the Garden Medley Salad. Why? Well, for one am having pasta over the weekend, and I had my No Meat Sloppy Joe for lunch. Also, for the pasta I wasn’t for certain if they used oil or butter in their pasta. I will have to ask that next time.

Step 3:
When ordering, I told the server without feta cheese. I also, let them know that I am vegan. This will the server understand,and maybe make some adjustments to the dinner of let you know if there are ingredients we should be concerned about.

Step 4:
Enjoy the meal!



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