Lunch at the Asylum in Jerome, AZ

If you ever have a chance to visit Arizona, head up to Jerome.  There is a place called The Asylum.  Of course, it was once a mental institution, but now it is a hotel.  If you stay in the hotel, there is a tour at night where you can see apparitions or ghosts of former patients.  I have never gotten  the opportunity to stay in the hotel, but I have enjoyed a lunch at the restaurant.  So, I decided to share a recipe of the sandwich my mom and I favor.


2 slices of rye bread ( I used seeded)

1/2 cucumber sliced

2 slices of tomato

1/2 cup alfalfa sprouts

2 Tbsp Veganaise


Spread the Veganaise on the each slice of bread.  Place the tomato, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts on one slice of bread.  Then, place the other slice on top.  And your done!

*Sorry I don’t have a picture of the sandwich, but I do have a pic of The Asylum my dad took.

October Jerome 094



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