Shopping for Chocolate and Converting to a Vegan Diet

For my previous recipes like the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie with Cake Mix and Peppermint Hot Chocolate, of course the main ingredient being chocolate.  Now, being vegan one would think it would be difficult to find chocolate not containing any milk.  This is highly untrue.  Actually, you can find chocolate that is suited to vegans just as long as you look at the ingredients.  Let me explain what you need to look for.

  • In the Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa, the only ingredient is cocoa.  You are safe there because you add the kind of milk you want, for instance, I added almond milk.  Now, Nestlé cocoa powder it contains non fat milk, which is a no no to vegans.
  • When looking at chocolate bars or chocolate chips, you need to do the same think for when looking for the cocoa.  The most common type chocolate you will be able to use is dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate generally contains no or less milk; however, you will need to find ones that contain no milk.  You can use semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate when baking.  Just make sure to check the ingredients.  Now, when just eating plain chocolate bars, I found that Lindt makes a 70% dark chocolate bar that is actually vegan.

Did you know that Dark Chocolate is actually better for?  Well, it is good for you in moderation.  Dark Chocolate actually helps to decrease your appetitate.  You will be less eager to eat other sugars or salty foods.

Fun Vegan Fact: When watching Get Vegucated, I learned that Oreos are actually vegan.  The filling contains a soy letchin, instead of milk.  You will want to eat the regulars instead of the vanilla.  And again, in moderation.

If you are considering in going vegan, I recommend in watching Get Vegucated.  It is a short documentary about 3 people going from eating animal products to a vegan diet.  You will learn the different changes your body goes through, and also learn about the animal product based industry.

I have been on a vegan diet for about 4 months, and I can tell you I feel completely different compared to before.  I have more energy.  I am not as grumpy.  I have a positive attitude.  And I am a lot more creative.

Check out, and please feel free to share how you feel or have concerns about converting to a vegan diet.  I know it is a huge lifestyle change, but it will be beneficial to everyone. 🙂


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